The Image of an angel is an angel.
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To all of my followers…

I’m going hiking for the next 4 days so obviously I won’t be able to post until Monday evening!:/ I’m so sorry about recently but my laptop still isn’t working and then this happens! I don’t mean to be this shit but everything is against me at the minute. So, I mean I know that I’ll lose followers for not posting but thank you all! I love you all :)

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4. What sports do you play? = I don’t think ‘play’ is the right word in my case. I do quite a lot of climbing (indoor and on natural rock), and I run occasionally and I go to the gym :) 

10. How many boyfriends/girlfriends did you have? - 4 :) 

11. Why did you create a Tumblr account? - Because some of my friends were talking about it and I was like ‘I might as well see what all the hype is about’ :)

45. Describe your dream date. - I’m quite open minded but a movie, then maybe food!? I would literally be open for any ideas!! :)

48. Have you ever been kissed? - On 2 occasions by the same person

(I’m so sorry about the very late reply, but my laptop is being a dick right now) :/


Doctor Who Photo Stills (4/?) 


Doctor Who Photo Stills (4/?) 

default album art
Song: We Go Together
Artist: David Tennant and Catherine Tate
Album: Much Ado About Nothing
Played: 175,187 times.




I stumbled across this song - it’s a bonus track on the Much Ado About Nothing soundtrack. It’s bloody hilarious.


Catherine: How long is this gonna take?
David: Here we go!
Catherine: Don’t make me do this.
David: Oh, you’re gonna love it!

David: We’re like a branch and its vine
Catherine: Like a drunk and his wine
David: Like the leaves and the breeze
Catherine: Fatty food and disease
David: And like a sheep and a lamb
Catherine: Like a pig and a ham
David: We go together —

Catherine: Can I go now? …can I just…?

David: Just like Shakespeare and verse
Catherine: Like a corpse and a hearse
David: Like a song and a dance
Catherine: Like the English and France
David: Like a Persian and rugs
Catherine: Like a headache and drugs
Both: We go together, you and I
David: We go together like the news and the weather
We fit like hand in glove
Catherine: For now and forever
David: Just like birds of a feather
We fly so high above
We stick together like the earth and the sun
Catherine: Like a dentist and fun
David: We go like honey and bees
Catherine: Like a mold on a cheese
David: And like a bird and its nest
Catherine: Like a clown and depressed
Both: We go together, you and I

David: Wait for it, wait for it!
[horn solo. At the end David stops and gasps for breath]
Catherine: *What* was THAT?!
David: That was me playing with my old horn!
Catherine: Oh. Shouldn’t you wait ‘til I’ve gone?
David: Ah, feels so good to hold it again!
Catherine: Well, you’ve not had it out in ages!
David: D’you want a go with it?
Catherine: I’m not putting that in my mouth!

Catherine: We go together and we know that whatever
We’re stuck like nails and glue
David: There’s nothing can sever
Such a well-made endeavour as me —
Catherine: — And me
David: — And you
Catherine: I guess it’s true
We’re like a yawn and a dream
David: Like a cherry on cream
Catherine: Like the wind and a kite
David: Now you’ve got it, all right!
Catherine: We’re like a parent and child!
David: Like a — sorry, what?!
Catherine: We go together, you and I
David: You and me
Catherine: We go together, me and you
David: That’s right, we do!
Both: We go together… you and I!

David: Ah! See, I told you you’d enjoy yourself!
Catherine: Yeah! …It’s smaller than I thought, though.
David: …Are you still talking about my horn?
Catherine: Yup.

source for lyrics

oh look it’s the play that got me into shakespeare


I often think of the [Doctor Who] Doctor as an angel who aspires to be human. He loves all the trivia and the little things of being human. He races toward that and embraces them. He regards emotion as empowering. He falls in love, he’s romantic. He’s into all of that. Yet at the same time he always stands apart because, at the end of the day, he’s a massively-powered alien.

Sherlock Holmes is the opposite. He’s an ordinary human being who aspires to be a god. He’s the opposite of the Doctor. He takes emotion and happiness and all those things—simple, transitory passions that the Doctor so values and chooses to embrace—and puts them in an iron box and locks it away believing that will empower him.

So they’re travelling in opposite directions and both never arriving at their ideal.

Steven Moffat, when asked about the differences and similarities between the main characters he writes for Doctor Who and Sherlock

(Monsters and Critics interview, October 2010 [x])


thanks by tutorial(x)


thanks by tutorial(x)


That's what I am: just a traveler. Imagine it: no tax, no bills, no boss. Just the open sky.


That's what I am: just a traveler. Imagine it: no tax, no bills, no boss. Just the open sky.


you’ve got no idea of what he’s like. I’ve only just met him—it wasn’t even that long ago, but… he is everything. he’s just everything to me and he doesn’t even look at me, but I don’t care, because I love him to bits.

Except that implies, in this big grand scheme of gods and devils, that she’s just a victim. But I’ve seen a lot of this universe. I’ve seen fake gods and bad gods and demigods and would-be-gods, and out of all that…out of that whole Pantheon…If I believe in one thing…just one thing…I BELIEVE IN HER.
Doctor Who, series 2, episode 9, written by Matt Jones and Russell T. Davies. (via i-live-i-laugh-i-love)

5.06 vampires of venice → “one city to save an entire species. was that too much to ask?”

5.06 vampires of venice → “one city to save an entire species. was that too much to ask?”


Doctor Who filming ‘Robots of Sherwood’

make me choose: anonymous asked Amy or Clara